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Skinwalker Ranch Timeline
Several bands of UTE tribes were relocated by the government onto the reservation surrounding skinwalker ranch.
The military finalized construction of a fort in Fort Duchesne.
Buffalo Soliders were stationed at Fort Duchesne, one particular soldier was a known mason and may have connections to the mason like symbols seen etched into a rock wall at skinwalker ranch.
Junior Hicks (and locals) report a surge in UFO reports in the Basin, however Skinwalker Ranch itself historically has little to no recorded activity.  However of note, the ridgeline directly behind Skinwalker Ranch is given the nickname "Werewolf Ridge" by the locals for reaons lost to history.
Edith Child Myers and Kenneth John Myers homestead the Skinwalker Ranch property.
Bottle Hollow Resevoir was constructed by the US Army Corps.
Desert News Article discusses a mass sighting of a UFO seen 10 miles from the ranch
Bottle Hollow is drained to"repair and outlet".
Bottle Hollow is refilled with water.
Terry and Gwen Sherman and their children moved themselves and their cattle into the 480-acre ranch south of Fort Duchesne, Utah
The National Institute for the Discovery of Science, aka NIDS is formed. The organization was initially set it up to research and advance serious study of various fringe science, and paranormal topics, most notably ufology.
Desert News article broke the story about the strange activity on Skinwalker Ranch.
Weeks after the Desert News article posts, billionaire Robert Bigelow buys Skiwnalker Ranch for a mere $200,000, and promptly moves his NIDS team of scientists onto the Ranch.
The National Institue for the Discovery of Science (NIDS) is shut down
NIDS is replaced by BAASS  Bigelow Aerospace Advanced Space Studies is formed.  The assumption is that BAASS had a more clandestine mission statement than NIDS and a government sponsor on the horizon.
George Knapp and Colm Kelleher co publish the book "Hunt for the Skinwalker" which introduces Skinwalker Ranch to the mass public. This book sparks the public's interest the ranch.
The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program (AATIP) was a secret investigatory effort funded by the United States government to study unidentified flying objects on Skinwalker Ranch.
On Feburary 12th, all power is knocked out in Fort Duchesne.  A strange erie green glow ebbs in the sky above the town.  With the sudden absense of power, a massive UFO is seen by multiple witnesses over the town.
BAASS loses funding from the Department of Defense.  The AATIP contract expires and is not renewed due to Luis Elizonodo's public explanation that officials fear the public may learn about the program and potential misappropriation of taxpayer funds.
Several months after the closure of the government sponsored AATIP program an unusually expensive, unique looking "war monument" is suddenly paid for by the government and build in Fort Duchesne. 
Tom DeLonge forms To The Stars Academy
Jeremy Corbell creates the website with the purpose to produce a documentary on Skinwalker Ranch aided by his advisor and mentor George Knapp.
Skinwalker Ranch is sold for the rumored amount of 4.5 million to a undisclosed buyer, who operates under the corporation Adamantium Holdings.
BAASS is assumed to be disbanded as their security team is removed from the property and replaced by the new ownerships security forces.  Unlike the previous guards whom carried pistols and mace, the newly installed team now wields long guns.
Hickens Road a public road which transverses directly through and across Skiwnalker Ranch is legally "vacated".  All access to the road leading to the ranch becomes closed to the public.  A checkpoint is erected as well as a large sign warning the public not to approach the gate.
Tom DeLonge goes on national tv and make the announces that he has formed a team of ex government insiders and hints at future disclosure ufo releases.
The New York Times releases a bombshell story in which a Department of Defense official confirms the government funded program known as The Advanced Aviation Threat Identification Program.  Senator Harry Reid, confirmed his role in procuring funds ($22 million) which was awarded to Robert Bigelow and his Bigelow Advaced Space Studies (BAASS) team to study the phenomena at Skinwalker Ranch.  Luis Elizondo a ex intelligence office with 20+ years of experience was put in charge of the program and has spoken extensively to the media regarding his role observing and documenting the exotic unidentified craft and even the collection of "exotic alloys" and artifacts presumably from Skinwalker Ranch.

History of Nearby Bottle Hollow

Located near Fort Duchesne, Utah, and about 150 miles from Salt Lake City is Bottle Hollow and the
SkinWalker Ranch. In 1970 a reservoir was built and covering about 420 acres making Bottle Hollow one of a kind – a premiere resort built on an Indian reservation.

The motel and convention center at Bottle Hollow was built with federal money to help the Northern Ute
Tribe with economic diversity and provide jobs for tribal members. The resort was an attractive oasis in the eastern Utah desert. A sparkling swimming pool was the perfect site for fashion shows in the early 1980s. In the summer, Bottle Hollow Resort was also home to a popular local community dinner theater and numerous high school reunions.The dramatic decline of the oil boom in the Uintah Basin in the late 1980s, also brought the eventual abandonment of the Bottle Hollow Resort by the Ute Tribe.

In the late 1800’s, congress designated seven thousand acres of the Ute land as public domain and
inadvertently exempted that acreage from any official control or law enforcement. As a result many salons and brothels sprang up with outlaws, miners and soldiers from Fort Duchesne being among customers that visited.

In the evenings as the soldiers returned to the fort drunken they often passed by a ravine in which they would throw their empty whisky bottles. So many bottles were thrown in that it eventually earned the name Bottle Hollow. Bottle Hollow is now covered mostly by water from the reservoir.

The Utes believe that the lake is inhabited by several large aquatic snakes with the first serpent sightings
dating back just after the area was filled as a reservoir. Eyewitness claim that they have seen on occasion
things crawling around from the marina all the way down to the end of the reservoir.  According to tribal police officers an inordinate number of drowning cases have occurred in the reservoir.

One case of a drowning investigated by police is that of a woman and her male friend that were swimming at night. Witnesses on the beach heard the woman screamed that something in the water had grabbed her and was pulling her under. Her male companion dove under the water and claimed that he encountered a huge, black snake and attempted to free the woman from it. The woman was eventually pulled to the surface but did not survive the ordeal. There are also accounts of strange lights entering and leaving the water. Another report mentions a bluish light exiting the water and then disappearing over the SkinWalker ridge. It does appear that such reports were taken seriously by tribal police.

The SkinWalker ranch is located nearby and seems to have some link to Bottle Hollow. The SkinWalker ranch was a hot spot for paranormal and UFO activity with the local area experiencing cattle mutilations. It is believed by some Ute Indians that a SkinWalker is responsible for all of the bizarre activity that goes on. They believe the SkinWalker to be a shape shifter.The Natural Institute for Discovery Science conducted an in depth investigation of the Gorman ranch (SkinWalker ranch) in the 1990’s.

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