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mysterious french woman making alien battle claims on ranch revealed!

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to be fair none of "us" really knows what the military is capable of.  The public domain stuff might be childs toys to what they can really do.

No one knows the ET's capabillities are either, we have extremely powerful conventional weapons.  They may be interdimensional space travelers but could be killed with a bullet.  Unless they unleash a WMD I feel confident that we would prevail in a fight.

the trick is as long as they are on the macro level and fully materialized within our time/space even ET must abide by the same laws of physics we do.  however whateveris on the other side of that portal may be an entirely different set of physics.  also the ability to slip to a higher dimension would frustrate any conventional attempts to interact with them

Makes sense. You couldn't use rifles underwater, who knows what weapons they have in their own space...

This whole ET nonsense is so full of lies and deceit that I doubt the military even know whatís real or not, I havenít been interested in ET until the last ten years and like most people I took no notice of such and believed it all Hollywood nonsense. Now I find the reality is a real nightmare but thatís a long story , until I read here I never gave portals a second thought as for one I hadnít a clue what a portal was even though I have photographed and videoed such in the past. I believe it to be some form of manipulating time and space and my reasoning behind such belief is an investigation I took on regarding a home visit by ET, a family had been getting constant visits that had them terrified and was causing ill health , anyway to cut the story short one night Gordon went down stairs for a glass of water but never bothered putting on the lights as there was enough light from a street light outside the hall window , on his return he saw a very tall stranger at the top of the stairs so he dropped the water and ran up to tackle the stranger, at this point there was a flash of light and the stranger had gone . At this point he noticed that the attic hatch that was glass was smashed even though he remembered no noise being made, and then he noticed the roof had a hole in it as well. He tried to turn on the lights but found he had no electric. He and his wife sat in the bedroom until dawn afraid and very tired before venturing out to check the damage done. He called me and I went to aid them, the fuse box downstairs was fried and all the wiring in that section of the house had to be replaced later that day before power was restored. This is the interesting part, the copper cores had turned green and the plastic cable outer coating had melted, at the top of the stairs where the incident took place stood an electric fan and curiosity led me to check its wiring to find it had changed composition and some of the copper inner core had turned to green dust, the plastic outer casing was now stiff and as this was only a few months old it seemed like it had been left in the rain for many years. Now my theory is that when ET made his escape he manipulated time around him affecting such as the fan although I do believe it went wrong due to the smashed glass and hole in the roof. These portals to me seem to be the same principle being used although on a larger scale.


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