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mysterious french woman making alien battle claims on ranch revealed!

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perhaps i'm not following, how does your story corrleate to the entity manipulating time?

The only way the copper core could turn to green powder is by time, it takes a long time for such to happen yet it happened in an instant.

is there a more common chemical or heat related process that could also cause this?

Copper Oxide does this. When the Copper oxidized, generally related to moisture, it can corrode into this green substance. Generally takes some time, over the course of months in most cases

House wiring though is intentionally made to keep moisture out, which is why the shielding is thicker than the gauge of the wire..

I have seen extreme bursts of heat do this as well due to the moisture it releases onto the copper core, especially at high voltage.

Long story short, Either water somehow got into that box and somehow penetrated the shielding... Or an insane amount of power was released into the system to melt the Cables and both release and evaporate the moisture held in the shielding.

So yes this is a strange one.


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