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More stories
« on: October 20, 2009, 08:18:38 PM »
Went to my wifes 20th high school reunion and ended up talking to another bored could care less husband for most of the night. He is from a town called Roosevelt UT and he said that it is pretty close to the Skinwalker ranch. In 1998 he was passing through the area one evening heading home from work as a drywaller when he crashed into something on the highway, it smashed his truck pretty good but there was nothing there and the damage was sharp like he hit the corner of a building no way it was an animal. He was a bit dazed but there was a fair amount of traffic and he had several people stopped to help within minutes. The guy behind him said there was nothing there that the back of his pickup just jumped up and his truck just stopped no brake lights or skidmarks. The police showed up took a report, he refused medical and the police officer said it may be several hours until the tow arrived so they pushed the truck off to the shoulder and the cop offered a ride into town so his dad could come get him. He loaded his valuables into the police car, got in, buckled up and the cop hit the gas but the car would not move, the nose of the car lowered and the rear tires started to break traction. The cop tried reverse with the same result. Other cars passed by but the cop car would not move like it was being held in place. He said the cop starts freaking out saying stuff like "Don't tell me it's this UFO S#*t again" and "I don't get paid enough to deal with this stuff" So this guy offers to get out and eyeball the underside of the car as the cop tries to drive off to see whats hanging it up, so he gets out and the cop hits the gas and the car takes off and the cop stops the car and yells "hurry the F up lets get the F outta here!!!!" So he runs up hops in and they speed into town. Copdropped him at a restaraunt said good luck man and took off. This guy lives in CA now and still has some family in Roosevelt but has not been there in about eight years.