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Re: time as an illusion
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Kryptid said: "If time is illusory, then space must have illusory properties as well".

skinwalker added a quote from Einstein: "Time and space and gravitation have no separate existence from matter."

Exactly! All being interrelated and interpenetrating, even matter has illusory properties, and also, matter is free of many of the "realities" we project into it. Did you ever look at a mundane object, say, a chair, and wonder "What the hell is that? What does it really look like?". Since human perception is a very short yardstick with which to measure reality, there's no telling what things really are. I bet it's incredible to perceive them without limitation!

The way we humans perceive requires location and relationship... can you imagine what it would be like to perceive over and above our human perceptual qualities? What a mind blower that would be. One thing I try to do to untrain my perceptual habits is to pay deep attention to when I am "projecting reality" rather than just perceiving it without any conceptual overlay. Let me explain this more clearly:

Think of a simple object, let's say, a cigarette. There it is in the palm of your hand. As you are holding it, looking at it, I come up and ask "Can you prove to me that cigarette really exists?". You may raise an eyebrow to me after asking such a silly question. Of course it exists... here it is, right in the palm of my hand. A reasonable answer, but let's look closer, more deeply. What is that object in your hand? Looking very deeply we could say, "Well, there's paper wrapped around tobacco and a filter". Let's look closely at the paper... is there anything inherently "cigarette" about the paper? No, it's actually processed wood pulp from a tree. Is there anything inherently "cigarette" about the tobacco? No, it's actually ground up leaves from a plant. Is there anything inherently "cigarette" about the filter? No, it's actually cotton processed into the shape and form of a filter. So, looking deeply, we can deduce that there is nothing in your hand that is actually "cigarette", and in fact, "cigarette-ness" only exists as a concept in your mind, which you then project into this object in your hand. Without projecting this conceptual framework onto this conglomeration of objects (paper, tobacco, cotton), the object would not exist as a cigarette at all. If you had been born on a remote, isolated island where there had never been a cigarette and suddenly you found one on the ground, you would have no idea that you were supposed to pick it up and put it in your mouth, light it with fire, and suck smoke through it. You might just as well eat the thing.

Now, take that practice of looking deeply and apply it to every single thing you possibly can. Is a chair a chair in reality or does chairness only exist in your mind? Look deeply into yourself. Does Darryl exist, or is he just another conceptual framework I was indoctrinated into believing was a real thing? Is anger real? Is love real? What are they? I'll tell you, folks, reality is not what we think it is! haha.

I am agree with you.