Author Topic: Help us bring the Shermans' story to the big screen:  (Read 864 times)

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This is Zack Van Eyck of 29 degrees Leo Productions in Los Angeles.  I'm the original reporter who broke the Sherman ranch story for the Deseret News and Associated Press in 1996.  I wanted to invite everyone here to check out our Indiegogo page for the film we're shooting this summer:

"The Shenandoah Experiment" is a sci-fi time-travel film that takes much of its inspiration from my paranormal research in Utah and New Mexico, including flying blue orbs like the ones that terrified the Shermans and terminated their dogs.

Ted Bonnitt (CEO of the UFO Grid Web site) and I have written a script about the Shermans' experiences called "The Devil's Ranch" and we hope to finance it, in part, by starting with this less-expensive-to-produce film which we hope will pave the way.

On Friday, May 5 at 4 p.m. Pacific, I'll be discussing the ranch case on "UFO Classified" with Erica Lukes, online on KCOR.  I don't know if she takes callers but it'd be fun to hear from some of you about your experiences or what others have told you.

If you can support our campaign, of course, we'd greatly appreciate it.  A donation can be made for as little as $7 -- it show you support what we're trying to do and potential financiers with a lot more money to invest will take note of that, so we thank you in advance.

The story of what Terry and Gwen and their kids went through is one that needs to be told with a larger budget, so that true justice can be done in portraying the excruciating fear and mind-blowing reality they endured.

For more, feel free to check out the following links: