Author Topic: NOT OPEN to Public, Access Road Through Skinwalker Ranch.  (Read 3277 times)

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NOT OPEN to Public, Access Road Through Skinwalker Ranch.
« on: November 20, 2016, 06:05:30 AM »
It may deserve note that Hicken Ranch Road, the county road through Skinwalker Ranch, is NOT open to the public.  This picture was taken today at the entrance of the ranch property.  The ranch road has a locked gate and new barriers at this location.  According to the sign, ranch owners have successfully converted the road from county ownership to private property.

For what it is worth, I view this is an interesting development. It suggests something about the disposition of the Adamantium Real Estate group.  The process of converting a county road to a private road is a legal process that requires cooperation of neighbors, and I presume that this is true in this case as well.  Apparently, Adamantium Real Estate is interested in operating within the law and with the cooperation with its neighbors rather than operating strictly for its own expediency--very interesting.


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