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Title: One of my Haunting stories, paranormal is verry real!! kinda long but TRUE
Post by: silicasecret on December 10, 2012, 12:15:15 AM
My wife was being harasssed at 12:15 am everynight. by an entity she claimed. its waking her up.scaring her etc etc
I didnt believe her,she was one of the DRAMAQUEENS w everything! 26 we have a 5 and 6 yr old

She said above the couch in the cieling someone is stomping so hard,it sounds like a foots gonna come thru the cieling.The house is posessed! We call the church,have everyroom blessed and the priest wasnt verry happy threw some holywater and just did a basic blessing,,,WE WERE WANTING A EXORCISM OF THE HOUSE LOL..she kept asking him to do more

I was never able to be around these hours of activity cause of work.She was so dramatic  I got angry she lied allllllll the time.
It came to a point where she left the house,went to nyc to her moms,we lived in long island.And she took the kids and said shes not coming back.i thought maybe somethings realy goiing on.

REWIND 3 weeks....We just moved in,1st thing happen I almost cut my dogs head off with a machete while weeding the place it was soooo thick,looked like it was abondoned for some years outside ,so he "my dog"just appeared from accross the yard in a flash in mid swing .Luckily I slowed my swing and just opened his coat.Poor guy he took it like a champ got em sewn up then I continue cleaning up investigating the place

There was a 1/4 basement filled with dirt where the boiler was and 10 steep stairs,I went down half way one time and got the goosebumps and seen someone hunched down alll the way in the back corner.I locked that folding door and never opened it again.Told the kids this stays locked nothing but dirt and a  boiler. They always sat on top of it playing,double doors to enter an outside basement.Like they just were attracted to it/// rolling lil cars down it and never did anything else outside.and they had many toys out back.

So I tell my buddies joe and Vinny whats going on,they come over.I took off work.its midnight,were sitting there watchn tv not payn attention.12 14am The ceiling banged so hard we all jumped up crashed into eachother and vinny ran outside and wouldnt come back in. He stood on the stoop as this thing banged so furiously and angrily he actually pissed his pants a little and said it scared the piss out of and joe get a second of giggles....One time bang bang,2x 3 x 4x BANGBANGBANGBANGI was stumped to think wtf it could possibly be.15minutes its banging.Joes a construction worker.Hes like wth!! ??  U got central air?   no!!

Joe says open the attic gimme a light.I was scared.the banging stopped as soon as we pulled the attic open.
Joe sticks his head up there looks around,Im holding his legs.Vinnys on the porch thru the screen door yelling to not go up there.
Im leaving man..if u guys die ill call the stayin out here man..ill watch
joe says go bang on the ceiling where it was knocking,he looked around for loose beams n the such 1st.
IM yelling where r u man...U ok? your not knocking back

finallly we sync up to the spot. he yells come here ur not gonna believe this.

I said,I aint goin up there,r u out of your mind??I finally crawled up and stuck my head up there,he lifts the insulation and picks up an OLD Raggedy ann Doll.I said put it down! STFU u guys are pussies and he comes down and puts it on my kitchen table.Vinnys yellin put it back.Im leavin man!! I never touched it,it sat there 2 days.

I have my aunt whos extremely sesitive 300plus lbs can barely walk 60ish,comes over.She only knows about the ceiling noises.She always wants to come into a hotspot not knowing much
She walks in,goes right to the ceiling spot and laughs and says she been playing with you..then to the doll..picks the doll up and her voice went into a little girls voice and shes skipping around the a 4yr old..i wanna play outside too mommy... i nearly shit my pants..she was pouring sweat and most likely about to have a heart attack from skipping around.singing and skipping

I went to her and snapped her out of it...It took alot of holding and yelling.she WAS NOT EASY TO GET BACK TO NORMAL

Once she came out of it she told me put the doll back where it was..She didnt know i found that doll where the knocking was.
She said the little girl just wants to play and shes not gona harm anyone,she wont be making trouble anymore.She died here,her neck broke somehow or a headwound.She wants her dolly back.

FF..I go next door introduce myself and ask the neibhors if they ever seen anything tragic happen at my house and how long theyve lived there.
5 years
About 2 years a little girl fell down the basement stairs and died she snuck out at nightime while everyone was asleep.
She died she was about 4 or 5 my sister babysit one or two times for them

There were 2 tenants that stayed 1 month but its been vacant almost 2 years.

So the story came full circle. Vinny would never come over again not even to the curb! The banging stopped and we left asap.

The house is about 6 blocks away from me now.,and i pass it everyday.I always wanted to stop and ask the people if anything strange happens.But....I dont

This isnt the only haunted house I lived in.This is by far the mildest of my encounters,

sry its so long tried to keep it short,hope you enjoy the paranormal facts
Title: Re: One of my Haunting stories, paranormal is verry real!! kinda long but TRUE
Post by: defectron on December 10, 2012, 06:14:39 AM
By any chance do you still have that doll in your posession? Do you know what happened to it?
Title: Re: One of my Haunting stories, paranormal is verry real!! kinda long but TRUE
Post by: silicasecret on December 12, 2012, 01:34:00 AM
Im 100% sure that Doll is right where Joey put it. Back where it was in the 1st place.Underneath the insulation in the attic

Why do you ask? The dolls prly worth $ right? Ebay it 1000$? or something?
Title: Re: One of my Haunting stories, paranormal is verry real!! kinda long but TRUE
Post by: defectron on December 12, 2012, 01:55:06 AM
Quite possibly, though I'm more interested in if it is possibly haunted by a spirit. If your willing to part with it, I would like to examine the doll.

I'm not worried about whatever may be attached to it as I got some pretty badass stuff around me, so it won't try anything funny most likely.